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Currently, Saint Louis County oversees all zoning decisions in the Township.  Zoning defines what uses are or are not allowed in all areas of the community, setting different parameters for different districts.  A gravel pit is a term used in construction for a hole, pit or excavation that has been dug for the purposes of removing gravel, clay and sand used in a construction project.  Currently this ‘extractive use’ is only allowed with a conditional use permit (CUP), approved by Saint Louis County. A ‘CUP’ can place related conditions onto the operations of the gravel pit which can include buffers, hours of operation, traffic limits, among others. 

Gravel pits provide economic benefits and crucial materials for development in a region. However, they can also cause noise, traffic, and environmental concerns if not properly managed and/or sited.

Currently the Township has no zoning authority or ordinance related to gravel pit uses for regulation. We are exploring if the Township should take a more active role in these operations or not. 

Currently, ARDC is conducting public input sessions and a survey along with additional research to help inform the Town Board in taking on a more active role in this matter.


For more information, the current draft of the report associated with the project can be viewed by clicking here

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Justin Otsea
Senior Planner