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The North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) is the longest of the eleven National Scenic Trails, stretching 4,600 miles across eight states from North Dakota to Vermont.  A large portion of the trail in northeastern Minnesota was never built because the original route contained extensive wetlands.  A re-route was recently approved by Congress that would complete the NCNST in Minnesota by connecting the NCNST near Remer in Cass County to the western terminus of the Kekakabic Trail northeast of Ely.  ARDC is helping the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) work with local stakeholders to identify a sustainable permanent route.

Planning Area

NCTA and its affiliates are working throughout the 150 mile Re-route corridor. This project is focused on helping them identify a trail route in two zones within that corridor.

Zone A is an area that is 20 miles east to west and 15 miles north to south centered on Tower. It includes the west end of Burntside Lake, Bearhead Lake State Park, and the east end of Lake Vemilion.

Zone B is a 48 mile long area that stretches from McCarthy Beach State Park to Grand Rapids.

Get Involved

We need the input from people who live, work, and recreate in these areas to maximize the Trail’s potential. This is an opportunity for people who live, work, and/or recreate in these areas to help route a National Scenic Trail (there are only 11 in the Country).

Share your ideas for places for the trail to visit and places to avoid. Use the mapping tool located below by clicking on the photo below to submit ideas.

Submit your ideas by clicking on the link: Mapping Tool

Click on this link to watch a video tutorial explaining how to use the mapping tool:

Contact ARDC if you would like to discuss alternate participation options. Trail Documents

Arrowhead Re-route Environmental Impact Study

More Information

Josh Bergstad
Principal Planner

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