Bicycle/Pedestrian Automated Counting Assistance

Automated Counting in Your Community

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has put together an initiative to coordinate with local jurisdictions, community leaders, and organizations for the collection of short duration bicycle and pedestrian counts. MNDOT has provided each of its nine districts with two portable automated bicycle and pedestrian counters. ARDC is in charge of housing the counters for MNDOT District 1. These counters are free to check out and available to use for counting bicycle and pedestrian traffic for your community or organization.

To learn more about MNDOT’s Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative, view reports, reference sources, or contact MNDOT staff, visit 

Reserve a Counter for Your Project

ARDC serves as a host for MNDOT District 1’s Short Duration counters, which include one Tube Counter which has the ability to count bicycles and one PYRO-Box Counter which can count both bicycles and pedestrians (see photos to the right).

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ARDC also owns two additional Pyro-Box counters that are available to check out on a limited basis. Below you will find the counter check-out calendar. Counters are typically reserved for up to two weeks based on availability. To learn more about this initiative or to reserve the ARDC counters for your project, email Charlie Moore: 


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