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The Avenue of Pines Scenic Byway Council and ARDC Planning are developing a trail plan along the Avenue of Pines Scenic Byway. This plan will consider trails, trailheads, and other facilities for path users.

You can help us by taking this survey and identifying positive and negative trails issues on this mapping tool. Contact Josh Bergstad to request assistance filling out the survey or mapping tool.

Trails Survey


The Avenue of Pines Scenic Byway encompasses roughly 47 miles of roadway between Deer River and Northome in northern Minnesota. The route follows the entirety of Minnesota 46, and much of it passes through publicly-owned land, including the Chippewa National Forest. This scenic byway was first designated as a state byway back in 1989 with the help of the U.S. Forest Service.

This byway has a lot to offer as a gateway to lakes, recreation, and a large section of older-growth pine forest.  Resorts in the byway corridor offer many activities along the lakes in addition to fishing, and these same resorts are looking to further expand what they offer to visitors collectively as part of the byway.  The Lost 40 State Natural Area offers visitors a glimpse at the oldest pine forests in the state, with some pine trees roughly 400 years old.  Many local residents call the Avenue of Pines home, with small towns dotting the corridor area.  They too look to the byway as a recreational gateway for bicycling, snowmobiling, and other activities. 


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