City of Aitkin Transportation Plan


ARDC Planning is working alongside the City of Aitkin to develop a long-range transportation plan; including improvements and redesigns of Highway 210, Highway 169, and Highway 47 through the City, including pedestrian, bicycling, and aesthetic features. 

The planning process began in March 2023 and is expected to end in December 2023.

Questions & Answers

What is the anticipated extent of MnDOT’s involvement in the planning process? – MnDOT is the contracting agent and my client. They will be involved in every step of the process including community engagement and review. They will guide the final deliverable.

Is the long-range transportation plan to include bus/public transportation, recreation transportation options (atvs, snowmobiles, etc.), and commercial traffic conditions as well? – Yes

Is it anticipated that traffic modeling will be included in the planning process? – It could be a part of the process if conditions deem it necessary. This kind of analysis can be helpful.


Steering Committee Meeting #1 – (Expected April 2023)
Steering Committee Meeting #2 (Expected July 2023
Steering Committee Meeting #3 (Expected September 2023)

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Andy Hubley